Collections of Tribal Artworks


Collections are a highly personal way of seeing art objects and how they relate to each other. Every collector has their own special vision for their collections and how they enjoy displaying them for viewing. There are no right or wrong ways to enjoy a collection.  For me sharing the collection with others brings the objects to life when they are enjoyed & admired together with friends. 

When I was a small boy I felt compelled to put found objects like rocks, shells, and driftwood into groups, I would spend hours laying them into different arrangements and it was as if the objects spoke to each other about their placements. I found this arranging of shapes to be stimulating & thought-provoking about their origin and the natural world that made such beautiful shapes & textures.  

When I arrived at collecting tribal art and artifacts it was their shapes and designs that intrigued me as much as diverse cultures that made them.  The vision of a collector arranging their objects together can make something new that had never been seen before.  When I am working on a collection of objects there is always so much to learn from seeing them together & each new addition can add or detract from the group. I am very interested in how people make and display their own collections.  I think the most important part of collecting is to share your ideas with friends.  In this section of my website named ” COLLECTIONS”  you will see how my eye has put objects together,  I hope that you enjoy seeing them as much I have while putting them together over 40 years.  For me a collection is never completed because there is always something new to learn, this curiosity is the basis for human creativity.  I am now willing to sell some of my collections so that others can enjoy what I have seen.  

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