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Superb Old Tongan Islands Polynesian War Clubs 19th Century

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Collection No. Tongan Clubs Left to Right A, B, C
Size Left: 108cm Middle: 70.5cm Right: 104cm
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Superb Old Tongan Islands Polynesian War Clubs 19th Century

Tongan War Clubs are some of the most beautifully carved objects from Polynesia, they were objects of great prestige and held Mana or spiritual power that was passed on through generations of the Club’s owners.

These fine examples all are from the 19th Century and are carved from heavy dark wood and finely incised designs over their entire surface.  The far left club in the photo is a massive club, so much bigger than the other two.  The middle Club has a beautiful human figure glyph ( see photo detail)

Clubs in Tonga were historically to be found in a broad range of cultural contexts from warfare to sport, dance, religion, and the complex everyday use of the chiefly class. Clubs were significant artifacts in historical Tonga.

In the last photo, the largest club is shown being held by a Tongan Rugby Player in Sydney.

Provenance:  The Todd Barlin Collection of Polynesian & New Guinea Oceanic Art


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