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Over the past 40 years, I have had the opportunity to work on many Oceanic Art Exhibitions with many very knowledgeable academics & interesting people in the world of Oceanic Art. I have collected and supplied many fine Oceanic Artworks for many major Museums & Public Art Galleries around the world and in Australia.  

Below is the start of my Oceanic Art Exhibitions Gallery showcased New Guinea Art & Art from West Papua, Vanuatu, the Solomons & many other areas of the Pacific Islands. I hope to have more of the exhibitions & the photos listed soon as it takes time to find and scan decades-old photos.

 I hope that you enjoy looking at these amazing Oceanic Artworks as I have

More exciting new exhibitions and publications coming soon. See my about Page:  https://www.oceanicartsaustralia.com/about/

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To see many more rare items and the finest masterpieces, please make an appointment with us to visit the gallery.

For all enquires, please contact Todd Barlin, Director of Oceanic Arts Australia

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