Oceanic Arts Australia can make Selling your Artworks easy.

There are huge varieties of the types of artworks from the people of Papua New Guinea, the Pacific Islands, Polynesia & Asian Tribal Cultures like Nagaland, the Ifugao of the Philippines & the Paiwan & Yami Tao People of Taiwan, and Australian Aboriginal People such as wood carvings, masks figures, tools & daily objects, bark paintings & artefacts

Although the demand for such items varies depending on their beauty & age, the ways for selling these are limited.

There can be any number of reasons why people would look to sell these artworks:

  • People wanting to let go the article if inherited from family members
  • Owners looking for an upgrade of their collection
  • Selling of artworks by avid collectors due to financial problems
  • Art objects in corporate collections that need to be sold

It doesn’t matter what your reason for selling your art objects I will try to make it an easy task through honest consultation & advice

Your options for selling are:

  • Outright cash sale
  • Consignment
  • Auction

Selling your Art with Oceanic Arts

Oceanic Arts Australia are experts in this area and have been buying and selling art collections for 38 years. If you have any questions or need assistance in selling your art, contact us about selling your art collection or piece and we will take you through the process and explain your options in a courteous and confidential manner.

I am a Government Approved Valuer for Oceanic & Aboriginal Art.