Australian Indigenous Aboriginal Art & Artefacts

Indigenous Australian or Australian Aboriginal Art covers large & diverse communities over the continent of mainland Australia & surrounding Islands, and Torres Strait Islands. The indigenous people of Australia are the longest surviving and thriving culture of 60,000 plus years. 

At Oceanic Arts Australia we specialize in only a small portion of the arts of Indigenous Australia, there are so many galleries selling canvas paintings we have instead concentrated on Fine Bark Paintings & Carved Utilitarian Objects like Boomerangs, Shields, Coolamon Bowls & Spears & Ornaments from Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory & the surrounding communities like the Tiwi people of Melville & Bathurst Islands, Groote Islands Archipelago, & Western Australia & the Kimberlie’s.

The artworks & art objects below are ones that I personally bought for my gallery & home because I see each artwork as a unique form of great beauty and I see the great skill of the artists who made them.  I will be adding more artworks soon !

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