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Old Boomerang Australian from Central Australia

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Collection No. T-1984
Size (60cm)
Old Boomerang Australian from Central Australia
Old Boomerang Australian from Central Australia

This beautiful old Boomerang was made by the Indigenous People of Central Australia. Finely carved from a single piece of hardwood and you can see the carvers great skill in the finely adzed surface before he even carved in the beautiful designs. The designs which consist of a central motif going from tip to tip  branching off that is other motifs (on both sides of the boomerang ) these designs are also seen in contemporary Central Australian indigenous artists working on canvas.  The designs are ancient as the indigenous peoples of Australia.  The boomerang was also once coated with red ochre which traces remain.  This boomerang would date from the early to mid 29th Century and is in very good condition.  Boomerang were hunting tools but also used in important traditional ceremonies where the stories of the Ancient Ancestors  told of how Boomerangs were given to people.

On a fine custom made stand that allows the boomerang to stand up independently and can displayed on a table where one can see both sides.

Provenance: Old Australian Collection