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A Collection of Fine Old Chinese Burlwood Tobacco Cases & Belt Toggle China19th Century

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Collection No. TB-66
Size 9 - 11cm

A Collection of Fine Old Chinese Burlwood Tobacco cases & Belt Toggle 19th Century

These beautiful old tobacco cases are from tribal groups in rural China, I was told they came from the Xinjiang area in the far Northwest of China but I have no proof of that and if anyone knows more about them I would be very pleased to hear from you.

Each of these old tobacco cases are a beautiful form with a deep old patina from long handling. The top right object in the photo is a round belt toggle made from burl wood & on the concave interior is a carved lucky gourd where the string or rope would attach it to one’s belt sash and robe.  These tobacco cases are rare, in the 40 years of collecting I only found these 7 pieces.  Every culture in the world makes small objects of beauty that are used and handled daily & admired by others, these tobacco cases are a great example of this, the simple elegant forms made from a beautiful type of wood that only looks better as it ages from use.  I am sure there must be more information about these Tobacco Cases and their forms, if you know of any other information about them, please let me know.

Provenance: The Todd Barlin Collection of Asian Art