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A Collection of Fijian War Clubs 18th – 19th Century

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Collection No. A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I
Size 43cm to 112cm
A Collection of Fijian War Clubs 18th – 19th Century

Fijian War Clubs come in many different types with different shapes & decorations. ( see Fergus Clunie Fijian Weapons & Warfare)  Fijian War Clubs were very important objects in the lives of Fijian men who were known as fierce warriors & sometimes cannibals in pre contact European times. War Clubs were often family heirlooms passed through generations and were imbued with great Mana or spiritual power. The type of tree & wood used was very specialized, the club was also made to size of the person who was to use it.  Some Fijian Clubs are so large it is hard to imagine the size of the man it was made for ( see A)    In the photo of my Fijian Clubs there are three distinct types, GATA  # B & C , CALI # A, VUNIKAU or Root Club #D & E and Totokia or battle hammer club # F & G, and the short clubs in the photo are IULA TAVATAVA or missile club for throwing # H & I .


These are some finest early Fijian Clubs I collected over the past 40 years, some are from important historical collections from the 19th Century. As most of these clubs were collected in the 19th Century, it seems reasonable that they are dated from the 18th Century considering the heavy patina & signs of use.  We can send better quality individual images of these clubs along with price & provenance.



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