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Old Magic Amulet Stone Heads from West Timor Indonesia

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Collection No. Coll - Magic Stone
Size Sizes L-R 10cm, 13cm, 11cm, 7cm
Old Magic Amulet Stone Heads from West Timor Indonesia

These old and beautiful carved Stone Heads are magic amulets traditionally used by the shaman to connect with ancestral spirits and ask for protection, good harvests, healing from illnesses. Throughout Eastern Indonesia and into the Island of New Guinea ancestor worship and animism were the original spiritual beliefs, carved stone and wood objects made by specialists and imbued with the spiritual power of their clans ancestors were widely used for healing & protection.  During my many trips to Indonesia & New Guinea on occasion I was ill and a village shaman worked on me and whether it was a placebo effect or actual spiritual effect  (I believe the latter)  I experience rapid well being during their treatment on me.  One old man used a small carved wood figure & leaves rubbing them onto my neck and head and while he was treating me the heavy sick feeling i had dissipated.  These stone heads were also used for this kind of treatments where the ancestors are invoked. Each of these stone heads has a unique expression in the way the people do.  Together as a little group on their custom made stands they look amazing.

Provenance: Collected in Central Amanuban, West Timor, Indonesia

Published : In the book Arte sul fiume (cap.3) by the artist Filippo Biagioli


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