First Step in Selling your Art

There are huge varieties of paintings and other artworks that come from the artists of Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands and Australia as well. Although the demand for such items is always great, the ways and mechanisms for selling these products are limited.

There can be any number of reasons why people would look to sell these artworks:

  • Owners looking for an upgrade of their collection
  • People wanting to let go the article if inherited from family members
  • Selling of artworks by avid collectors due to financial problems
  • Articles in corporate collection or unit trusts finally end up in markets

Selling such artwork is not an easy task as one needs to understand the market. Many sellers have unrealistic expectations from the market. You also have to consider the timing for selling your art. Sometimes it can be better to hold on to it and wait as timing has a great impact on the income you can generate by selling the item.

Once you have decided on the time of your sale, now you have to look for the way by which you are going to sell artwork in the market. The options include:

  • Auction
  • Consignment to art consultant
  • Private treaty
  • Outright cash sale
  • Using the internet

After fixing on any of the above mentioned methods to sell your Aboriginal Art or Tribal Art, you need to look at the selected method carefully and make sure you have covered up all the details demanded by that method.

Selling your Art with Oceanic Arts

Oceanic Arts Australia are experts in this area and have been buying and selling art collections for over 25 years. If you have any questions or need assistance in selling your art, contact us about selling your art collection or piece and we will take you through the process and explain your options.