Canoes in many forms are the way the Pacific Islands were discovered & settled over vast spaces over thousands of years. Pacific islanders trace their origins to specific canoes and their voyages to each new island or island group. The canoe connects people to their ancestors and their oral histories.

In New Guinea & The Solomon Islands & Polynesia Canoes are the main way of transportation for trading & connecting with other peoples from different areas, they are used daily for hunting & fishing & collecting food. 

Canoes depicted in art or song are often the vehicle for the deceased to travel to the spiritual home of their ancestors. 

Canoes are so important they have personal names, they are often elaborately decorated with carved designs, and the front of the canoe or bow is often decorated with ancestral figures or clan totems like birds or fish that protects the occupants on their voyages.  Please have a look at my new Exhibitions Gallery

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