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Wood Head, Abelam, East Sepik Papua New Guinea

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Collection No. T-537
Size 80cm
Wood Head, Abelam, East Sepik Papua New Guinea
Wood Head, Abelam, East Sepik Papua New Guinea

This beautifully carved and painted wood head is from Abelam People who live in the East Sepik Province of Papua New Guinea. On the back of the artwork there is a lug where it can be tied on as a decoration for large ceremonial yams that are at the heart of Abelam culture.  The Abelam have a complex rich ceremonial life that is the basis for their spiritual well-being in their communities.  The Abelam make large and beautiful ceremonial houses where sacred artworks are kept & the initiation of young men take place. The Abelam are famous for many of their types of artworks like Yam Masks both woven & made from wood like this example.

Provenance: Ex Lewis Morley Collection (1925-2013) Australian Photographic Artist of renown.



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