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A Fine Old Mongolian Bronze Repousse Head of a Wrathful Deity Mongolia 18th Century

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Collection No. TA-24
Size Height 8cm Head without stand
The Art of Compassion The Todd Barlin Collection
Asian Buddhist Art
Asian & Japan Scholars Art
New Guinea & Oceanic Art

A Fine Old Mongolian Bronze Repousse Head of a Wrathful Deity Mongolia 18th Century

This finely made Mongolian repousse head in the form of a gagged Wrathful Deity. The head was possibly part of a necklace off a very large Buddhist Deity sculpture.

The fierce facial expression with an open mouth that is gagged with a rope but still showing barred fang-like teeth. The side view shows the fine detail of the hair that is highlighted with orange paint.

Almost all wrathful deities follow the Indian model of a Raksha (male) or Rakshasi (female) demon as described in Indian literature. Raksha appearance is one of the three types of figurative appearance or moods in Himalayan-style art. Rakshasa/si are dangerous male and female spirits, sometimes characterized as demons, of classical Indian literature. Their fearsome appearance became the model for wrathful Buddhist deities such as Mahakala, characterized by round bulbous red eyes, gaping slathering mouths with large bared canine teeth, and flaming hair.

Provenance: The Todd Barlin Collection of Buddhist Art

Published and Exhibited: “The Art of Compassion ”  2018 by David Templeman  Published page 56


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