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Shan Marble Buddha 18th Century

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Collection No. TB-2357
Size (84x50cm)
Shan Marble Buddha 18th Century
Shan Marble Buddha 18th Century
Buddha, Burma, 18th Century, Stone with traces of pigment, Exhibited and Published in “The art of compassion” 2018 P6


This beautifully carved stone Buddha is dressed in relatively simple monastic robes, defying his princely status. He sits cross-legged on an ornate platform, in bhumisparshamudra – his left hand rests, palm upward, on his lap, and the right hand rests over his right knee, calling the earth to witness at the moment of the Buddha enlightenment.

The image focuses on the harmony and simplicity of the Buddha himself. His right hand is in the earth-touching position of calling it to witness his Enlightenment, and his left hand remains in the meditation position.