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A Fine Old Paiwan Mortar Paiwan People an Indigenous Tribe of Taiwan Formosa Island

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Size Size 25cm x 12cm
Asian Buddhist Art
The Art of Compassion The Todd Barlin Collection
New Guinea & Oceanic Art

This pair of beautiful old and rare carved wood Mortar is from either the Paiwan Tribe or other related original indigenous people of Taiwan, in earlier times Taiwan was known as Formosa Island.

This finely carved mortar is in the form of two male ancestor figures facing each other, their bent legs seen in the profile of the mortar.

The Mortar may have been used for betelnut or other medicinal plants. Dating from the late 19th Century and very rare.

There are several indigenous tribes living the mountainous interior of Taiwan. Their societies are hierarchical, divided into high nobles, minor nobility, and commoners. In former times, only the high nobility was entitled to create or commission certain forms of human images, which portrayed important ancestors (tsmas). The ancestors, whose supernatural influence was controlled by the nobility, had the power to either help or harm the community, depending on whether their spirits received proper respect through ritual observances and offerings. The houses of Paiwan nobles were both the physical and artistic centres of ancestral power and imagery.

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Provenance: The Todd Barlin Collection of Oceanic Art & Asian Art


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