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A Fine Old New Guinea Spear Thrower Ornament Karawari River East Sepik Province Papua New Guinea

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Collection No. TB-570
Size (26cm)
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A Fine Old New Guinea Spear Thrower Ornament from the Karawari River area in the East Sepik Province Papua New Guinea

This beautiful small-scale sculpture was used as an ornamental charm on a traditional Spear Thrower from the middle Sepik River area of Papua New Guinea. This little carving was originally attached to a bamboo shaft that was a spear thrower (see above a photo of a whole Spear Thrower with the ornament attached)

When you look closely at this carving, on the outer curved edge you see four small stylized ancestor faces in profile, this is the great imagination of the Sepik artists, and the open section is like the larger scale Karawari River Cult Figures that have hooks as their body. Karawari River sculptures are some of the most beautiful & iconic artworks made in the Sepik River areas.

Provenance: Collected by Albert Gross in the Sepik River area in the 1930s, many artworks his artworks are in major collections around the world.

The Todd Barlin Collection of New Guinea Oceanic Art 



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