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A Superb Old Chinese Daoist Carved Figure of a Celestial Being from the Ming Era

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Collection No. TB-4192
Size Height 71cm x 60cm
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A Superb Old Chinese Daoist Carved Figure of a Celestial Being from the Ming Era

This beautifully carved Taoist / Daoist Architectural Support Figure; is in the form of a Celestial Being riding an elaborate dragon figure 

You can see the great skill of the artist as the finely carved figure looks alive with movement and as if they are riding the dragon floating in the air.  Below the left hand, you can see the square place where a beam of wood had gone where it fits into a larger structure that was likely in the interior corner of a temple or shrine as you can see where it had a beam fit into the square space just under the hand.

When you look closely at the photos you can see traces of the original thick lacquer painting. 

A very knowledgeable Asian Art expert told me that the Deity is wearing Ming-era clothing. The Ming Dynasty officially was the ruling dynasty of China from 1368 to 1644.

Provenance:  Japanese collection before 1940.  Old Australian Collection. The Todd Barlin Collection of Oceanic and Asian Art.

See the photo of my Exhibition Catalogue:  The Art of Compassion:  Buddhist Art from The Todd Barlin Collection 2018

If anyone knows more about this figure or of a drawing or photo of how this figure sat in the larger structure I would be very grateful to know how it fits into the structure and any other information.


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