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Gable Mask, Middle Sepik River Area, PNG

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Collection No. TB-2781
Size (76x50cm)
Gable Mask, Middle Sepik River Area, PNG
Gable Mask, Middle Sepik River Area, PNG

This mask was made to put under the eves of the ceremonial house Tambaran, these large and impressive ceremonial houses are a major architectural wonder which the middle Sepik river area is famous for. This finely carved and ochre painted mask made from a single piece of hardwood and it has conus shells for the eyes. This mask was collected by a geologist working in the Sepik in the 1960s and it has the original export permit dated 1967.

See the photo of an example of Middle Sepik River ceremonial house Tambaran from  “Kulthauser in Nordneuguinea by Brigitta Hauser-Schaublin, Page 401.”



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