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Lime Spatula Finial Sepik River Papua New Guinea

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Collection No. A-1783
Size Height 31cm
Lime Spatula Finial Sepik River Papua New Guinea
Lime Spatula Finial Sepik River Papua New Guinea

This old and beautiful Lime Spatula finial was collected on the Middle Sepik River Area of Papua New Guinea in 1967 my a geologist Andy Kugler.  Kugler was working in the upper Sepik Area at the same time that curator Douglas Newton from The Museum of Primitive Art in New York the forerunner of The Micheal Rockefeller Wing of Oceanic Art at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.  This spatula was missing the long stick that was used to chew lime with betel nut, the finial with looped top and when you look closely below you will see three small ancestor faces , one face is facing forward and the other two flanking it on the sides the faces in profile. The piece has very old patina from long use. Kugler had much of his collection on loan with The Museum of Primitive Art and some of these artworks were published in the famous book on the upper Sepik cultures: ” Crocodile & Cassowary ” 1971 by Douglas Newton.

Provenance: Collected by A. Kugler 1967 in New Guinea. Kugler said this object was given to him by his friend and boatman after a few months working together.



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