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A Fine Old New Guinea Korwar Head Canoe Ornament Geelvink Bay area West Papua Irian Jaya Indonesia.

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Size (23cm)
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A Fine Old New Guinea Korwar Head Canoe Ornament Geelvink Bay area West Papua Irian Jaya Indonesia.

This very fine old Canoe Prow Ornament with a strong Korwar Head Finial with traces of red paint is from the Geelvink Bay area on the North Coast of West Papua, Indonesia. It was placed at the very front of the canoe.  When I field collected this canoe ornament 38 years ago it was being kept by a family as an heirloom carving from their Grandfather. They said it was off a large type of ocean-going canoe that is no longer made due to the use of aluminum boats that don’t take months for a community to build as was done with dugout tree canoes made in earlier generations. The village in the field photo in this listing is from the same village as this canoe and I have the name of the family it belonged to. Dating from the early 20th century. The fine open work carving shows the great skill of the carver & at the top of the prow ornament is a Korwar ancestor head that has cassowary feathers as hair.  This Northwest part of the island of New Guinea had plenty of trade links with SE Asia, especially with the Moluccu Islands in Eastern Indonesia where many shared designs have come from. It comes on a custom steel display stand that makes it look like it’s floating.

Provenance: The Todd Barlin Collection of New Guinea Oceanic Art 

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