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A Superb Japanese Carved Wood Bonito Tuna for Fisherman’s Shrine

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Collection No. T-5625
Size 72cm
Japanese Carved Wood Bonito Tuna for Fisherman's Shrine
Japanese Carved Wood Bonito Tuna for Fisherman's Shrine
Japanese Carved Wood Bonito Tuna for Fisherman's Shrine
Japanese Carved Wood Bonito Tuna for Fisherman's Shrine
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A Superb Japanese Carved Wood Bonito Tuna Fish made for a Fisherman’s Shrine by the Master Carver Ushioda Kousai (1909-1981)

Since the Kamakura period (1185–1333) Tuna Fish has been worshiped by fishermen, in the Nakiri area as a local deity with the legend of Dandarabotchi remains, and a straw sandi-hiki ritual is held every September to pray for a big catch of Tuna. It is also often used as an offering in Tosa Province’s shrine Ema Offering a province of Japan in the area of southern Shikoku where prayers for a big catch, good harvest, prosperous business, and good luck.

This superbly carved statue of a Bonito Tuna Fish is carved to approximately two-thirds of the real Bonito Fish. The dynamic yet realistic lacquering and fin formations represent the thoughts and prayers of the fishermen who struggle with Bonito every day when fishing.  The Sculpture has a spirit that seems to have been carved into it. This is a masterpiece filled with sensitivity and faith, with lovely round eyes and a slightly open mouth that show the observational eye of a fisherman.

A large, plump, and splendid bonito. Not only do you feel the warmth that only wood carving can provide, but It also has tension and feels heavy. The dull & glowing fish-like colours are also beautifully reproduced. This is a work that perfectly expresses the power of swimming vigorously through water.

Provenance:  Carved by the Master Carver 潮田皓哉Ushioda Kousai (1909-1981) He studied wood carving under master sculptors Keiun Kato and Masahiro Sawada, both of whom were students of Koun Takamura, and followed the lineage of Koun Takamura, the king of modern wood carving, with a solid style that valued traditional carving and was active and recognized at Japan Fine Arts Exhibition and Shinkaijusha Exhibition for a long time.

This Sculpture comes with an appraisal box with a signature.    The Todd Barlin Collection of Oceanic & Asian Art 

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