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A Fine Old Japanese Natural Form Burl Wood Figure Scholars Object Okimono

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Collection No. TB-2825
Size Height 26cm
Asian & Japan Scholars Art
Asian Buddhist Art
The Art of Compassion The Todd Barlin Collection
New Guinea Oceanic Art
Australia Aboriginal Bark Painting
Abelam New Guinea Art
New Guinea & Oceanic Art

A Fine Old Japanese Natural Form Burl Wood Figure Scholars Object or Okimono 

The Japanese aesthetic of using natural forms in wood with minimal carving is one of the most beautiful objects I have ever collected.

A Scholars Object or Okimono is a  Japanese decorative object created specifically for visual enjoyment. This form is described in Japanese as Wabi-Sabi  

In Zen philosophy there are seven aesthetic principles for achieving Wabi-Sabi as listed below;

Fukinsei (不均斉): asymmetry, irregularity;

Kanso (簡素): simplicity;

Koko (考古): basic, weathered;

Shizen (自然): without pretence, natural;

Yugen (幽玄): subtly profound grace, not obvious;

Datsuzoku (脱俗): unbounded by convention, free;

This beautiful object can be whatever you see in it at all the different angles, just as when viewing clouds in the sky each person sees something different.

Provenance: The Todd Barlin Collection of Japanese Art & Objects & Asian Art & Objects. 

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I have artwork for Museums and art Galleries but also for collectors at every stage of their collecting. I want to encourage people to explore the fine art of New Guinea & West Papua and the Pacific Islands and to be able to see and touch the artworks in a relaxed and friendly manner in my Sydney Gallery. I would like to invite you to visit my gallery and see the artworks in person and also look at my website www.oceanicartsaustralia.com where there are many Galleries & Sub Galleries to explore.

My Gallery of nearly 40 years is the last physical gallery in Sydney that specializes in New Guinea and Oceanic Art.  Sydney is very close to New Guinea & the Pacific Islands where all of these amazing artworks came from, Australia’s closest neighbors.


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