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A Superb Collection of Sukhothai & Sawankhalok NE Thailand Ceramic Figures 13th-14th C

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Collection No. Collection of Thai Ceramic Figures
Size 7cm -10 cm

A Superb Collection of 36 fine old Ceramic Figures (both human & animal forms) from the Sukhothai & Sawankhalok areas of Northeast Thailand, dating from the 13th-14th Century.

The best-known of all traditional Thai ceramics are those from the Sukhothai and Sawankhalok area kilns of Northeast Thailand, the Celedon glazes that they produced were in such high demand they were exported all over SE Asia and beyond.  Examples of these exquisite ceramic wares can be found in many leading museums around the world.  Many of these figures are maternity figures that reflect the wisdom of ancient people in taking care of children. In ancient times, medical care for children and mothers after birth was not advanced, and raising children was not as easy as today. The mother had to learn through the sayings and teachings of the experienced older generation. Maternity figurines in various postures were a toy for girls who will be mothers. They helped children learn how to be a mother in the future. Children who play with these figurines can absorb knowledge for raising children and understanding the loving relationship between mother and child. The look of  these maternity figurines shows the expression of a mother’s love and her care of children,

These beautiful figures are mostly from two historical collections in Australia put together in the 1950s-1960’s.  I have added single examples whenever I found a high-quality figure that I couldn’t resist.

Together they look amazing, small-scale sculptures have always interested me and these are still being enjoyed every day but I am now ready to share them with another collector.

Provenance: The Todd Barlin Collection of New Guinea Oceanic Art & Asian Art