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Old Basket Hook Sepik River Papua New Guinea

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Collection No. G-498
Size Height 31cm
Old Basket Hook Sepik River Papua New Guinea
Old Basket Hook Sepik River Papua New Guinea

This small older and used Basket Hook Figure is from the Lower Sepik Area in The East Sepik Province of Papua New Guinea. In  form of an anthropomorphic bird man that represent a category of powerful ancestral beings called waken.  Basket Hooks had an important practical function, to keep food safe from rodents , when the basket hook is hung from the ceiling by a single string or rope no rodent can climb down that rope to get to the net bags containing the family food  hung from the basket hook. Basket Hooks can be some of the most beautiful artworks made in the Sepik River area.  You will see several more of these artworks on my website.

Sometimes small basket hooks were used for hanging a mans magical bag that contained betel nut and amulets and botanical’s used for magic.  This small basket hook may have been used for that.

Dating from the 1950’s


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