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Headrest Markham Valley Morobe Papua New Guinea

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Collection No. TB-2973
Size Length 34cm
Headrest Markham Valley Morobe Papua New Guinea
Headrest Markham Valley Morobe Papua New Guinea

This beautiful old and well used Headrest (neckrest) is from the Markham Valley  area in Morobe Province of Papua New Guinea. One terminus of the Headrest has a finely carved ancestors head in the distinctive Markham Valley style.  The horizontal support with the head is a single piece of hardwood with warm old patina from long use. The legs are made from two piece of cut bamboo. In many places in New Guinea men had elaborate hair styles that the spent time to keep looking their best. The headrest helped protect their hairstyles while sleeping.

Provenance: Ex Dr. Martha Koller , Collected 1930’s  Koller was a doctor working in Morobe in the early 20th Century . Ex Chrities Paris 1996


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